① Legal advice

Nowadays we face legal problems practically every day. To solve them properly we need professional help. Don’t forget that ignorance of the law excuses no one.

② Out-of-court settlement

Out-of-court settlement is an efficient way of solving a problem but only with the help of experienced lawyers.

③ Litigation and Disputes

Please note that litigation is a procedure that demands highly educated lawyers. Attempting to go through it all by yourself most surly will cause a lot of problems. In order to succeed in litigation you need legal knowledge, experience and a lot of time. So it is better to let the professionals represent you in court.

④ Collection

Collection is one of the main practice in our company. Our lawyers have already helped our clients to get back several milliards roubles, saved time and money, and sometimes even helped to recover the relationship with debtors.

⑤ Real estate

"Jurpartner" team applies its expertise to the complete spectrum of real estate transactions, in areas of financing, acquisition and sale, leasing, construction and development.

⑥ Transaction Advisory Services

Our team works with many organizations, smallest and largest. But no matter who our client is – he can be sure that we are going to leverage our experience to provide assistance on transactions of all sizes.

⑦ Registration and support for business

Successful business and complete absence of any kind of legal problems – these are the things which you can achieve with the help of our lawyers.

⑧ Representation in public authorities

Our lawyers are ready to represent your interests and rights in the following public authorities: Tax office, Federal Antimonopoly Service, Court Bailiffs Service, Russian State Register, Bureau of Technical Inventory, Custom service, Non-budgetary foundation (pension fund, social insurance fund), Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks and others.

⑨ Family issues

Within this practice our company provides next services: divorcing in court, separation of property, alimony recovery, paternity examination, deprivation of paternal rights, execution of trust and custody of children.

⑩ Inheritance

At first sight it seems that accession to the heirship is not a difficult procedure. But in fact it is quite different. Our specialists can assist you from the very beginning - opening of inheritance- till getting the certificate of heirship.

⑪ Consumer protection

As is well-known, consumer is one of the most unprotected market members. Our lawyers have spectacular representative experience in this area.